A moment and a day I will never forget.

                        “Hello I am Abigail I am 12 years old and I am a young carer.

Last month we were asked to take part in an event with Children In Need. We turned up at Searchlight early in the morning and everyone was excited as we didn’t know what would happen. When they opened the doors to Searchlight, all the walls were covered in spots and activities for us to do.

I was dancing with one of my heroes

My group were called outside and we all started dancing at a silent disco. Then suddenly Kimberley Wyatt (Pussycat dolls) appeared and started dancing with us and teaching us moves. I was excited as she is one of my heroes and I am dancing with her! It was brilliant

We then painted collages of Pudsey and I looked up and spotted Pixie Lott who came over and chatted with us and a few of us sneaked a picture with her.


Next we made fruit smoothies with Matt and Sam whom I watch on CBBC I was surprised that they are really funny in real life as I thought they were only funny on TV. We all went to the photo booth and had our pictures taken with them.

The biggest surprise

We were taken by coach to the TV studios and the room was big with a dark curtain and we had to wait there a while and it was very tense and quiet. Then a video came on a screen and Niall from One Direction was saying he was sorry he couldn’t be with us. He asked us to turn around, then amazingly the curtain dropped and he was standing there and singing “Too much to ask” to us.

It was the biggest surprise of the whole day, a moment and a day I will never forget.

I thought that all these famous people had gone out of their way to give up their time and do something for charity. I will remember that.”

We asked Abigail what difference she hoped our film on CIN would make

“Many children don’t know about young carers. I hope the film helps other young carers to come forward and give us a bigger community of young carers.

The activities we do here drag you away from the one you care for and give you time to make new friends.”

Do you look after someone? Do you know a young person who looks after someone?

If you would like to refer someone please go to http://www.kingstoncarers.org.uk/professionals/make-a-referral/

If you would like to give time to support young carers go to


16:23, 28 Nov 2017 by Jo Cocup