Have a look at what some of our young carers have been up to during lockdown! This is what one of our young carers got up to using brite box. 

What is brite box? 

The box has all the ingredients and a printed recipe guide along with photographs to illustrate, step by step, how to cook a healthy dinner meal together as a family. At YCP we have referred lots of families to this service and our YCs love cooking home-made family treats! 

"Tom* had a go at peeling and Sarah* has been learning to chop vegeatbles at school. She does enjoy this activity" 

(names have been changed for anonymity purposes) 


YCP brite box

15:13, 11 Feb 2021 by Christina Brouwer

Check out our new group agreement for our Zoom activities and meet ups! Created to ensure we are all being safe and having fun online. Smile


YCP group agreement

15:07, 11 Feb 2021 by Christina Brouwer

We've had to change what activities we do with out young carers due to the ongoing pandemic. We have been following the National Youth Agency ‘s guidelines and because we work with lots of vulnerable families our utmost priority is to keep everyone safe. So instead of holding activities face-to-face, we now run zoom drop-in and youth club sessions online. We play lots of fun games and quizzes, and give you the opportunity to have a chat with the team. 



Zoom schedule

16:27, 28 Jan 2021 by Christina Brouwer


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